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  • Zoospective Mauro Corda (ESSAI SOMOGY) by Nicolas Surlapierre
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Zoospective Mauro Corda by Nicolas Surlapierre

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Publisher : Somogy Art Publishers
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 192
Publication Date : 3/1/2019
Condition : BRAND NEW
Is sculpting the animal kingdom a way of questioning humanity in an era in which differences are suppressed and everything is becoming increasingly standardized? As a prime artistic subject, animals convey an intuitively magical, strange, and disquieting world. Mauro Corda’s work experiments with hybridity between species while following the approach adopted in traditional animal sculpture. After his books on Alfred Barye, Rembrandt Bugatti, and François Pompon, curator and art historian Nicolas Surlapierre focuses on Mauro Corda, describing him as the sculptor of "animal possibility." And, in an interview with the sculptor, the philosopher Gérard Lemarié highlights the more conceptual and reflexive side of his sculptures. Zoospective gives readers a chance to admire the bestiary of the greatest animal sculptors and to (re)discover the developments of this artistic expression from the nineteenth century to the present day, currently embodied in the work of Mauro Corda, and often taking a highly unusual form.