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  • Yves Klein: Incandescence by Frédéric Prot
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Yves Klein: Incandescence by Frederic Prot

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Publisher : 5Continents
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 240
Publication Date : 1/21/2019
Condition : BRAND NEW
French artist Yves Klein's works focused on fire French painter Yves Klein (1928-1962) stands as one of the most exciting artists of the 20th century. A founding member of the New Realism movement in France, he was also a pioneer in Performance Art and installations, as well as a forerunner of Body Art, Land Art, and Conceptual Art. During the course of his meteoric eight-year career, Klein expressed his vision through a wide range of media, including pure color (notably a deep, bright blue now known as Yves Klein Blue), architecture, sculpture, literature, and music. This book looks afresh at Klein's career, and especially his works that involve fire. Klein's art aimed to change a person's life by triggering a profound revolution in the viewer's aesthetic sensibility. He was deeply convinced that color, the impalpable, and the imagination together are capable of transfiguring reality and affecting a change in personal values: born anew, viewers find themselves awed by a world that is in turn recreated. In his works, Klein used fire - which both destroys and reveals - to represent the impalpable. Yves Klein's "wonderful realism" attempted to usher in a new age: the age of a happy and fulfilled humankind in the here and now. Each of the works presented in this stunning book, which includes paintings, performances, and works in other media, including his "mur de feu" or "wall of fire," is a token of the intimate experience of this possibility.