war and space by robert salkeld foreword by general b a schriever
war and space by robert salkeld foreword by general b a schriever
war and space by robert salkeld foreword by general b a schriever
war and space by robert salkeld foreword by general b a schriever
war and space by robert salkeld foreword by general b a schriever
war and space by robert salkeld foreword by general b a schriever

War and Space by Robert Salkeld ; Foreword by General B. A. Schriever

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New Jersey : Prentice-Hall, 1970. Inscribed by Robert Salkeld. Hardcover. 195 pages ; 23 cm. $6.95 dust jacket with minimal wear. Small one-inch fold to the center of page XVI. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm.

War in space and peace on earth?

As man journeys deeper and deeper into space and as the arms race spirals towards irreversible heights, the world faces a mounting threat, the likes of which she has never faced before. Should a full-scale war occur in the future, devastation will not be confined to battlefields and oceans, but will spill across the entire planet. And from the moon, from other planets, indeed from military stations in the earth's own orbit, countless deadly missiles will hurtle through the heavens.

In this highly provocative volume, that looks ahead to a time when pleas for peace on earth will seem shortsighted, Robert Salkeld explores the very real, almost inevitable possibility of war in space. As he urgently points out, man has already made moves that circumvent the Space Treaty of 1966 which states that parties to the treaty will not extend the arms race to space. Circumvention of the treaty's spirit, if not its language, is certainly implicit in the Soviet's fractional orbital bombardment system (FOBS). Under these conditions, it can almost be expected that each space power will quietly investigate and develop deep space strategic capabilities on its own, as protection against technological surprise by the other.

Is it better to extend deterrent forces to space rather than to concentrate them in "Fortress America, Fortress Russia, or Fortress China?" Or as Robert Salkeld asks: "Is it possible that the space arena may promise sufficient military advantages to motivate both deterrent and potentially aggressive powers to extend their strategic capabilities to space, so that perhaps there eventually might result, as a natural consequence, a progressive reduction of earthbound strategic stockpiles, and a lessening of the expected levels of violence on earth in event of a nuclear war?"

Here the author marshals arguments for realistic appraisal of both our posture and support of the space proliferation treaty, and takes a long, hard look at America's readiness in space. The book confronts the reader with some sobering developments and challenges the nation to action.

Robert Salkeld is a consultant in aerospace systems analysis and planning, and has been involved in the United States space program since the early days of the ballistic missile era. He was previously Technical Director of the Military and Space Systems Planning Office of United Aircraft Corporation, and Manager of Advanced Manned Systems at The Aerospace Corporation. In those positions, he played a leading role in early Air Force studies of manned space activities, maneuvering aerospace craft and space stations. Earlier, as an Assistant Project Engineer at Space Technology Laboratories, he had participated in system integration and launch operations for the Thor-Able project which produced Pioneer I, man's first satellite to reach deep space

The author of many technical papers and holder of patents relating to strategic missiles and space vehicles, Mr. SalkelS is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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