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viewpoints of a commodity trader by roy w longstreet

Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader by Roy W. Longstreet


New York: Frederick Fell, Inc, 1968. First edition. Hardcover. 147 pages ; illustrations ; 22 cm. In original $4.95 dust jacket, it also has a bit of foxing on the jacket itself. Otherwise, this is a very good copy with firm binding, clean pages and no writing within the book.

Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader by Roy W. Longstreet

This is a "behind the scenes book" in the strictest sense of the phrase. When Roy Longstreet was first confronted with the question: "If you know so much about commodity trading, then why aren't you rich?" he determined that the best answer would be a conspicuous measure of financial success in the trading of commodities futures. That he achieved his objective is evident because now he is the head of the largest brokerage firm in the country dealing exclusively in commodities.

The techniques and the methods he employed over the years to achieve financial success is what is important to the reader and in this book we have those methods ably described by Mr. Longstreet. His approach to commodity trading is more "fundamental" than "technical." He believes that psychology plays a basic role in the movement of commodity prices. As a matter of fact, he has often expressed the desire to hire a psychologist to apply specialized knowledge and find out what people who trade commodities think and why they make the mistakes they do.

Roy Longstreet's views will prove to be invaluable for those who want to increase their financial standing along intelligent, crystal-clear and forthright lines. As publishers of many books in the financial field, we commend Roy Longstreet's book to you.


It appeared that Roy W. Longstreet was destined to spend his life as a farm laborer in Iowa until he decided to get an education.

After the end of his sophomore year as a high school dropout, Mr. Longstreet, who is now president of Clayton Brokerage Company, struck out on his own with a bike, a grip, and a dime. He graduated from high school where he worked as a janitor and slept in the principal's office.

Next came college. He graduated from Iowa State by working as a dishwasher and by talking the coach out of a free bed underneath the gymnasium. One degree wasn't enough and the University of Chicago was the next stop for a graduate degree in business administration.

It's a long way from a small Iowa grain farm to a million-dollar profit as a speculator in the soybean complex and along the way many lessons must be learned for it is said, "If a speculator dies rich he dies before his time."

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