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view from a height seventeen essays on science by isaac asimov

View From a Height : Seventeen Essays on Science by Isaac Asimov


New York : Doubleday, 1962. Book Club Edition. Hardcover. 252 pages ; 22 cm. In original dust jacket with clean and unmarked pages. Binding is firm.

View From a Height
Isaac Asimov

So vast has the whole field of science grown during recent decades, and so diverse its branches, that specialization has become the only answer—the only way in which the intricate depths of a subclassification of a particular area can be satisfactorily plumbed.

"A pity..." says Isaac Asimov, who has always tried to look at science from a height: overlooking some minute details that a crawler might study, but seeing, from his floating balloon, an overall order, an unusual pattern, a glimmering fragment of design that would perhaps be missed from the ground.

In these seventeen essays Dr. Asimov offers portions of the field of science witnessed from his lofty vantage point—conjectures and theories from the realms of biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy that do much to recapture the beauty and the importance of viewing science as a whole.

View From A Height

When Isaac Asimov first began to Learn Things, science shared an equal place on his mental agenda with other subjects. But by the time he had completed high school, it was running well ahead of the pack. In college he channeled his study toward chemistry, and in graduate school further specialized his training in biochemistry, then nucleic acids. Suddenly, claustrophobia struck!

Because he had been active as a science fiction writer—and, consequently, had maintained contact with other branches of science—Dr. Asimov found it not too difficult to push away from specialization, to cut a wide personal swath through endless jungles of scientific knowledge. For twenty years Dr. Asimov has been specializing in diversification, and his books—over fifty, fiction and non-fiction—have won him a following that can clearly be called "a thinking man's audience."

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