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  • Traces on the Way by Nicole Halsberghe
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Traces on the Way by Nicole Halsberghe

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Publisher : Lannoo Publishers
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 304
Publication Date : 5/26/2017
Condition : BRAND NEW
A monograph on an artist celebrated for her representations of the Far East With texts by Japanologist Prof. Dr. Willy Vande Walle, art critic and radio presentor Johan van Cauwenberghe and art historian Paul Kongs Designed by Gert Dooreman, a student of Halsberghe's and one of the most important graphic designers in Belgium "Because of her long experience with the East, both in travel and in study, the eastern element is much stronger and more authentic in her work than it is in the works of other artists. The East is not merely a touch of varnish, it is something that defines her art." - Prof. Dr. Willy Vande Walle. In her first monograph, Nicole Halsberghe provides an extensive overview of her oeuvre of the past 50 years. During her many travels to the East she always had a sketchbook and camera at hand. She captures everything she sees, everything that inspires her, and transforms it into acrylic paintings, drawings and lithographs. Traces on the Way shows how she 'abstracts' subjects, interprets them and makes them come to life. She portrays mankind and their surroundings in an impressive and unique way, from intimate rooms and train compartments to the immense, vast Japanese landscape. Text in English and Dutch.