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Thinking with the Teachable Machine by John H. Andreae

Thinking with the Teachable Machine by John H. Andreae


London : Academic Press, 1977. Hardcover. 178 pages ; 25 cm. In original dust jacket with minimal wear. Pages are age toned. Binding is firm.

This book introduces a system, called PURR-PUSS, which can be programmed into a computer to produce a teachable machine. It is both a new theory and a working model. Learning starts from scratch, with nothing in PURR—PUSS's memory and it can be accomplished either on her own or with the aid of a human teacher. PURR-PUSS experiences, and remembers her experiences, as several streams of context — such as sound, vision and touch. Based on new concepts of prediction, multiple context and novelty, PURR-PUSS can be connected to any real or simulated environment. As Brian Gaines writes in his Foreword, the "book represents an in-depth study of the possibility of learning complex behaviour through remarkably simple and general mechanisms."

The body of this book is devoted to a factual description of the structure, operation and behaviour of PURR-PUSS, with the author's opinions and expectations relegated to notes. Computer programmers will find in this book all that they need to write a program of PURR-PUSS for their own computers. For those working in the fields of psychology, education and philosophy, PURR-PUSS is offered as a new theory of memory, of motivation and of intelligence. A neurochemical version of PURR-PUSS, called mew-Brain, is included as an Appendix.

PURR-PUSS represents a fascinating new direction in artificial intelligence research, and, together with mew-Brain, forms a tentative model of the brain.

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