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the third sector new tactics for a responsive society by theodore levitt

The Third Sector: New Tactics for a Responsive Society by Theodore Levitt


New York: AMACOM, 1973. Inscribed by Theodore Levitt. Stated "First Edition" on the copyright page. Hardcover. 182 pages ; 22 cm. $11.00 dust jacket. A solid copy with no markings, clean pages and tight binding.

New Tactics lor a Responsive Society
Theodore Levitt

There has never been an in-depth study like the one you're holding in your hands right now.

It not only tells you what's wrong with our society and how it got that way, it explains the ways we can work together to right what's wrong—without destroying our institutions or our faith in each other.

Accordi ng to Levitt, violence and disruption are not the most dangerous of the new activists' tactics. Much more dangerous is their continual fault-finding and their portrayal of America as a nasty, corrupt, virtually irredeemable society.

As professor of business administration at Harvard University, Levitt is well aware that big organizations require stability in order to perform efficiently. As a concerned citizen, he knows the frustrations of trying to get bureaucrats to respond to appeals for change in their institutions.

Levitt is not an idealistic dreamer. He doesn't blink at the hard fact that a complex industrial system can never be totally-responsive to the needs of individual citizens. He takes a realistic look at the new activists' violence and fault-finding and shows how such fault-finding has several severe consequences. For one thing, it undermines the people's confidence in our social system. For another—in Levitt's words—"It creates a national pathology of brooding discontent and unrelieved suspicion." With that suspicion and loss of mutual trust comes a loss of old values... an escalation of corruption and selfishness ... a belief in "getting yours" because everybody else is going all out to "get his."

Fortunately, he doesn't stop there. Levitt builds solid foundations for a pragmatic approach to compromise among contending social needs—and suggests ways to preserve what's right in this country, instead of "throwing out the baby with the bath water" when we try to correct what is wrong.

If you're a member of a union, a garden club, a fraternal organization, a consumer protection group, a civil rights organization—or any other volunteer group that tries to meet needs not filled by business or government, you need this guide to what works and what doesn't in securing desirable reforms.

Levitt's approach can help to make your organization a lot more effective, and save you from a great deal of unnecessary heartache.

THEODORE LEVITT is professor of business administration at Harvard University. He received his doctoral degree from Ohio State University and has authored numerous books and articles on business subjects, for which he has won five McKinsey Awards, and most recently the John Hancock Award.

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