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The Sentinel : Masterworks of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Arthur C. Clarke ; Illustrated by Lebbeus Woods

The Sentinel : Masterworks of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Arthur C. Clarke ; Illustrated by Lebbeus Woods


New York : Berkley Books, 1983. Book club edition. Hardcover. 303 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. An excellent copy with solid binding, clean and unmarked pages.

The Sentinel
by Arthur C. Clarke

One of a science fiction writer's greatest challenges is to look into tomorrow. Not the tomorrow of hyper-light-speed travel or intergalactic warfare, but the near-future tomorrow that lies just around the corner, peopled by our grandchildren, or perhaps theirs.

Few masters of science fiction have brought us that near future as vividly as Arthur C. Clarke. It is the startling realism of his vision that has made classics of his Childhood's End and-2001: A Space Odyssey—and Clarke himself one of the genre's most successful writers.

In this tradition comes The Sentinel, a brilliant new collection of Clarke's highest caliber short fiction.

In the provocative "Breaking Strain," Grant and McNeil are plodding along the trade route from Earth to Venus when a meteor pierces their freighter and depletes their oxygen reserve. As the frightening reality of the emergency sinks in, neither wants to be the first to speak the shattering truth—that if one man dies now, the other might just have enough oxygen to survive the trip....

"Guardian Angel," the seed for the novel Childhood's End, offers an ironic look at the nature of freedom. Perched in the sky above London's UN headquarters is the ship of Karellen, emissary of the alien Overlords who rule the world as benevolent dictators. Reluctant to show himself, Karellen transacts business with UN Secretary-General Stormgren on board the ship, from behind a screen, while on the planet below, the defiant Freedom League resistance demands to learn the identity of their subjugators. And soon, even the cooperative Stormgren is more than a little curious about them. In fact, he has a plan ....

"Refugee" introduces us to Prince Henry who, as heir to the British throne, can have just about anything he wants. Just about anything. For Captain Saunders of the spaceship Centaurus literally holds the key to the one thing Henry wants most, but cannot have....

You'll also join the crew of an alien ship sent to rescue Earthlings from an impending nova, only to find the planet empty.. .discover the incredible secret of a lost civilization on Jupiter's innermost satellite.. .participate in a truly possible yacht race to the moon.

This especially beautiful volume boasts 10 plates by the noted artist Lebbeus Woods, along with a delightful and intimate introduction by the author.

"The Sentinel," the haunting title piece of this exciting collection, sparked 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the most famous SF movies of all time. And each of the nine tales demonstrates the scientific expertise, remarkable imagination and sheer writing talent that has earned Clarke legions of fans all over the world.

About Arthur C. Clarke
The author of more than fifty books, with over 15 million copies in print, Arthur C. Clarke is one of the most distinguished figures in modern science and science fiction. He is the inventor of the concept of the communications satellite, a past Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society and a member of the Academy of Astronomies. His novel Rendezvous With Rama was the winner of science fiction's three highest honors: the Hugo, Nebula and John W Campbell awards, Arthur C Clarke has covered the Apollo missions with Walter Cronkite and has lectured internationally on the peaceful exploration of space.

In his first book since the bestselling 2010: Odyssey Two, Arthur C. Clarke presents a magnificent collection of his finest work spanning four decades. Included in this volume, along with revealing new introductions, are:
-The Sentinel—The story that inspired 2001
-"Guardian Angel—The rarely-glimpsed work that gave birth to Childhood's End
-"The Songs of Distant Earth—A fantastic tale of first contact with an alien world, never before published in book form

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