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the rock by warren tute

The Rock by Warren Tute


New York : William Sloane Associates, 1959. First American edition; first printing. Hardcover. 378 pages ; 22 cm. $4.50 dust jacket with minimal wear. Slight lean to spine. A very good copy with firm binding, clean and unmarked pages.

A vitally absorbing, panoramic novel which tells the story of Gibraltar in her most dangerous hour and of the people involved in her fate: those who defended her and those who sought her destruction.

By WARREN TUTE Author of The Cruiser, etc.

It was June, 1939. If the new Governor-Designate of Gibraltar, Sir Giles Fortin, was alarmed, he did not show it, but the Rock would be in for some startling changes, and these shortly, for there was not much time...

The atmosphere of the Rock was distressingly reminiscent of Brussels on the eve of Waterloo — a beehive of social intrigue, with parties, parties, everywhere, usually centering around the illustrious Barbarossa family.

Grace, the elder daughter, was married with increasing disillusionment to Flag-Lieutenant the Hon. Lancelot de Vere Millingham, better known as "Boofles," and she was beginning to wonder whether she had had as much to do with the match as her ambitious mother.

In the midst of her helplessness and wretched unhappiness, David Evers arrived. Commander of the Destroyer Firesprite, he had far too much on his mind, including the erratic behavior of his wife, Pam, to be prepared for the' stunning effect of his encounter with Grace.

Rosita Barbarossa, the younger daughter, was headstrong, impetuous, and determined in her pursuit of the Cypriot, Nicholas Pap-padopoulos—a first-rate newsman but bitter antagonist of the British Crown and everything it stood for.

But the central character of this unusual novel is the Rock of Gibraltar, guardian of the Mediterranean and Achilles' heel of the Allied forces. Any day, German forces might sweep down through Spain to capture the strategic base. Any hour, sabotage from one of the 10,000 workers crossing the Spanish border could destroy the dockyards. And any minute, German planes might bomb the British task force in the harbor — the same task force that was destined to rout the Italian Navy, immobilize the French Fleet, join in the kill of the Bismarck, and routinely supply besieged Malta.

This story of the Rock and the people who lived on it during the war, its heroes, half-heroes, and enemies, is one of tremendous proportions — fast paced, dramatic and equally big in heart and scope.

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