The One Quest by Claudio Naranjo

The One Quest by Claudio Naranjo

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New York : The Viking Press, 1972. First Edition. Hardcover. 244 pages ; 22 cm. $8.95 dust jacket with minimal wear. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm.

In this book, the newest addition to the Viking Press/Esalen Institute Book-Publishing Program, a greatly innovative psychologist illuminates the common ingredients of all forms in which people today search for ways of human growth.

As in his recent book (co-authored with Dr. Robert Ornstein), On the Psychology of Meditation, Claudio Naranjo here makes a broadly reasoned examination of the practices of religion, education, and psychotherapy all over the world and through many epochs. His concerns are salvation, deliverance, enlightenment, healing, authenticity, self-actualization, and full-humanness as sought in both ancient and modern systems of meditation, mysticism, sensory awareness, and the raising of consciousness.

Dr. Naranjo posits a number of fundamental styles which can be taken in approach to complete human development, and looks to a convergence of the ultimate ends of the domains of psychiatry, religion, and education. "Indeed," he comments, "if we examine closely the nature of the separate quests for growth, sanity, and enlightenment, we may discover enough of a meeting ground among them to warrant the ambition of a unified science and art of human change."

The One Quest contributes to that goal by providing readers whose philosophies lie East or West with a common language of understanding beyond their cultures' various disciplines of growth. Claudio Naranjo's work is vital to the comprehension of the theory that underlies the proliferating involvement of peoples the world over who are committed to the quest for an integrated way to self-realization and a fuller experience in their contacts with reality.

CLAUDIO NARANJO was born in Valparaiso, Chile, in 1932, educated at the University of Chile Medical School and at the National Conservatory of Music there, and later won a Fulbright Scholarship for study in this country at Harvard and the University of Illinois. A Guggenheim Fellowship in 1966 brought him away from his posts as Professor of the Psychology of Art at Catholic University in Chile and as a research psychiatrist at the University of Chile Medical School, to the University of California at Berkeley, where he now lives and works. His other books include several monographs in experimental psychology published in Chile, an Esalen monograph entitled I and Thou, Here and Now, and On the Psychology of Meditation.


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