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The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer

The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer


New York : Rinehart and Company, 1948. Hardcover. 721 pages ; 22 cm. $4.00 dust jacket, however, jacket's in tattered condition. Pages are age toned. Binding is firm. No markings within book.

"The debut of a prodigal and brilliant American talent" -New York Herald Tribune Book Review

The Naked and the Dead
by Norman Mailer

These men who tear their hearts out trying to capture an island from the Japanese are the product of the years they have lived. They have been formed by their wives, their sweethearts, their farms, their jobs, their colleges. To each, war has been an activating agent.

You will never forget these men — frightened men, obscene, humorous, sick, scabrous, full of yearning for home as it was, or home as it seems in memory. They are men in war, but like most of us, they do not know where they are going; they know only their own past.

"THE NAKED AND THE DEAD is closer to Tolstoy in its sharp colors and orderly plotting than it is to Crane and Remarque, whose war stories are, by design, formless and impressionistic. I think it's beside the point that Crane himself was influenced by WAR AND PEACE. He was influenced by one segment of it, not by its whole structure, as Mr. Mailer has been." — John Lardner, The New Yorker

"A scintillating skill in observation, a mature sense of meaning, and a fresh, powerful writing ability make this book remarkable by any standards . . . vibrant with life, abundant with real people, full of memorable scenes. To call it merely a great book about the war would be to minimize its total achievement." — Frank Brookhouser, Philadelphia Inquirer

"A tremendously good book . .. direct, forceful, wonderfully angry, bitter as rue ... It is frightening as pure adventure story, or as reportage on the vile, stupid business of war, or as a consummate artist's warning to society not to do it again." Robert L. Perkin, Denver Rocky Mountain News

"Remember the name: Norman Mailer. With this one astonishing book he joins the ranks oi major American novelists. This reviewer has no hesitation in calling THE NAKED AND THE DEAD a great war novel."— Richard Match, New York Herald Tribune Book Review

"Its total effect Is overwhelming ... an amazingly deep penetration into the minds and hearts of men." — Orville Prescott, New York Times

"The best novel yet about World War II." — Time

"A stature that dwarfs all near companions." — James Gray, Chicago Daily News

Norman Mailer * Brooklyn, Harvard, Leyte, Japan; soda-jerk, usher, flat-painter, rifleman; Story Magazine, Cross Section, a first novel—Mr. Mailer's itinerary, literary and otherwise, reads like the traditional background for the novelist. But this twenty-five-year-old author bids fair, with the publication of The Naked and the Dead, to establish a literary tradition of his own.

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