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the mural master by adrienne jones illustrated by david omar white

The Mural Master by Adrienne Jones ; Illustrated by David Omar White


Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company, 1974. First edition, first printing. Stated. Hardcover. 249 pages ; illustrated ; 22 cm. $5.95 dust jacket with yellow cover board with illustration to the front and black title at spine. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm.

The Mural Master
illustrated by David Omar White

"One summer day at Pawthany-On-Isle," Carrie said to her cousin Digby, "is 'the same forever and always.' " But this day was not to be the same for very Jong. On this day Carrie and Digby would meet two new friends and all of them would be lured into the world of Til Pleeryn, the Mural Master, by a mysterious invitation.

A bird to sing, a dark haired maid, A teller of tales, and a son of kings.

Til Pleeryn, a fantastic person from another place in time, needed the four young people to complete his plan, and Til Pleeryn, for good or for evil, was the master of his craft. His murals transformed walls into forests, ceilings into night skies, and the solid floor beneath their feet to a treacherous swampy path. His art connected two worlds and then cut off the known and familiar, leaving the four friends to wander across a nightmare landscape of terrifying beasts and carnivorous trees. There they must remain, pawns in a dangerous plot, but not quite without power.

For those who ever fantasized about stepping into a picture, THE MURAL MASTER will doubtless provide frightening second thoughts. But those who dare go on will surely value the companionship of these four friends, each of whom makes an individual contribution to their common problems.

In THE MURAL MASTER, Adrienne Jones has written an exciting fantasy where the problems and solutions of another world have application to our own.

Adrienne Jones was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to California when she was seven. She and her husband now live in the hills near Laguna Beach, with a son, daughter and four grandchildren nearby. In addition to the writing she has done for adults, Mrs. Jones is the author of six other books for young readers. ANOTHER PLACE, ANOTHER SPRING, her previous book for Houghton Mifflin, won a Notable Book Award from the Southern California Council on Literature and high praise from reviewers:

"The glittering life of the nobility in St. Petersburg, bleak and dismal Siberia and a frontier settlement on the California coast are all brought into sharp focus in this sweeping panorama of 19th century Russia. The tragic flight of two girls exiled to Siberia as political prisoners is related in a succession of heroic deeds and piercing commentary on the Russian country and its people." Publishers* Weekly

"The characterizations arc finely drawn and the author effectively conveys the bleakness and desolation of the Siberian landscape and the hardships faced by the little group struggling toward freedom." School Library Journal

"A rich, substantial historical novel ... a combination of suspense, romance, and strong characterization, with elements of tragedy." Horn Book

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