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The Luscher Color Test : The remarkable test that reveals personality through color Translated and edited by Ian Scott ; Base on the original German text by Dr. Max Luscher

The Luscher Color Test : The remarkable test that reveals personality through color Translated and edited by Ian Scott ; Base on the original German text by Dr. Max Luscher


New York : Random House, 1969. First American edition; first printing. Stated. Hardcover. 185 pages ; 22 cm. $6.95 dust jacket with minimal wear. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm. Included All 8 test cards inside.


The principle of the Luscher Color Test is that accurate psychological information can be gained about a person through his choices and rejections of colors. A simplified version of the test may be taken and interpreted quickly, and the layman can administer it to himself, even before reading this book. In fact, it is advisable that he do so: reading the text beforehand might prejudice his color selections.

By simply following the instructions on the front endpapers, which explain how to use the enclosed eight color cards and the Interpretation Tables (pp. 93-171). the reader will find how psychologically revealing color choices can be. He can then go on to Ian Scott's adaptation of Dr. Max Luscher's German text, where he will learn more about the theory of color psychology, and discover how professionals might administer the Luscher Test to obtain even more detailed and dependable results.

The Luscher Color Test has been widely accepted as a major diagnostic aid to psychologists and physicians in Europe since it was first presented in 1947, at the International Congress of Psychology in Lausanne, Switzerland. As this book illustrates, it is simple, essentially non-verbal, can be administered and interpreted quickly, is esthetically pleasing, and yet can provide a revealing glimpse into personality structure.


The Luscher Color Test, despite the ease and speed with which it can be administered, is a "deep" psychological test, developed for the use of psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and those who are professionally involved with the conscious and unconscious characteristics and motivations of others. It is NOT a parlor game, and most emphatically it is not a weapon to be used in a general contest of "one-upmanship."

DR. MAX LUSCHER Born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1923, Max Luscher became fascinated with color psychology while still a young student. He graduated from the University of Basel, continued his studies in Stockholm and Paris, then returned to his alma mater as a professor of psychology.

In the years since 1947, when Luscher first presented his Color Test to an international medical conference in Lausanne, his work has continued to attract more and more attention. The test is now widely studied and used throughout Europe—by psychologists, physicians, and by industry, for screening job applicants. Dr. Luscher himself has been employed as a color consultant in such diversified fields as pharmaceuticals (with the Parke-Davis Company), packaging, flooring, advertising and architecture (he helped choose the colors for all the Volkswagen plants in West Germany.)

Dr. Luscher continues to experiment with and refine his Color Test; a revised set of interpretation tables, upon which this book is partly based, has recently been published in Switzerland.
Dr. Luscher lives with his wife Ingeborg, a well-known actress, in Lucerne.

IAN A. SCOTT was born in London, England, in 1913, and spent his early childhood in India, where his father was head of a university. Returning to England in 1920, he was educated at Dulwich College and subsequently at Clausthal University In Germany.

He joined the R.A.F. in 1932 as an officer pilot, and served during World War II with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. In 1947, he accepted the position of Deputy Director of Civil Aviation, where he played an instrumental part in developing the civil aviation network in the South Pacific.

In 1952, Mr. Scott began a second career in health and physical fitness; he is now the principal of the Grayshott Hall Health Centre in Surrey. His deep interest in the psychological factors which often underlie ill health led him to the Luscher Color Test and, hence, to a meeting with Luscher himself and their subsequent cooperation. In Dr. Luscher's words, "Mr. Scott brings to the Color Test an Initiative and an insight which I have not before encountered."

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