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The Keep by F. Paul Wilson

The Keep by F. Paul Wilson


New York : William Morrow and Company, 1981. First Edition. Hardcover. 347 pages ; 25 cm. $12.95 dust jacket with minimal wear. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm.


In Nazi headquarters, Warsaw, an SS officer is assigned to a new mission: He is to travel to Romania, to a small castle in the Transylvanian Alps and find out why the commander of a garrison of German troops has sent this message: "Something is murdering my men."

Thus begins a tale set in an eerie, mountain-fast fortress, where ageless powers of good and evil do battle as the Nazi superrace faces a terror more dreadful than its own.

The killer cannot be seen or heard, but it can suck all the light and warmth from a room, select its victim in the darkness, and leave a bloodless, mutilated corpse. One victim a night, over and over. The two German officers despise each other. One is a Nazi; the other hates everything the Nazis stand for. But they do agree on one thing—outside help must be sought. They summon an expert on the history and folklore of the region who is brought to the keep with his daughter. It is a bitter irony that Dr. Cuza and the beautiful Magda are Jews.

And unknown to anyone, there is another on his way to the keep. A man who awoke from a nightmare and immediately began his long and dangerous journey across Europe, toward the place that called him, toward the destiny he must meet.

These are the players in a novel of menace and horror about an ancient evil released from five centuries of solitude ... about a bewitching heroine and a love both tender and frightening . . . about a mysterious red-haired man who must challenge his fate in a battle of primeval powers. This stunning mix of the occult and the events of World War II introduces a new master of coiled tension and fear. The Keep should be read in lamplight, when restless spirits stir in darkened corners and unknown visitations chill the heart.

F. Paul Wilson is a physician in family practice at the Jersey Shore, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. The Keep is his fourth novel.

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