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The Judas Pair by Jonathan Gash

The Judas Pair by Jonathan Gash


New York : Harper & Row, 1977. First American edition; first printing. Stated with full numbers line on copyright page. Hardcover. 218 pages ; 22 cm. $8.95 dust jacket with minimal wear and light rips around jacket edges. Black and red cover board with red title at spine. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm.

From the Dust Jacket :

The Judas Pair by Jonathan Gash

Lovejoy, of Lovejoy Antiques, Inc., knew his way around—as a man with his skills needed to. This is his story, and os he explains, "This story's about greed, desire, love, and death—in the world of antiques you get the lot."

One of Lovejoy's scouts (oil antique dealers have scouts, people who will pass information their way. Lovejoy had three or four, depending on how rich he wos feeling ot the time), a man named Tinker Dill, had just brought Lovejoy a very promising customer, a Mr. Field, who said he was starting a collection and wanted some dueling pistols. A very special pair.

"Which pair, Mr. Field?" Lovejoy asked. An expert on oil antiques, flintlock pistols were his specialty.

"I want the Judas pair, " said Mr. Field. Lovejoy's heart sank. He knew perfectly well that once, long ago, "Durs" Egg, flintlock maker to kings, genius extraordinaire, had made beautiful flintlock duelers. And that a pair, the thirteenth pair sinister weapons of ill-omen—were the lost he'd made. They had never been found and were only heard of as obscure rumors. Any antique dealer worth his salt would laugh until he fell down if a customer had asked him to find them.

"The Judas Pair. They don't exist. They're a myth," Lovejoy said.

Mr. Field said he'd pay ten thousand pounds for them.

Lovejoy knew pistols. And he liked money.

He liked girls, too. He knew women made the rough old world acceptable the way antiques did.

Lovejoy's hunt for the pistols involves a murder, some girls, and a good many of the more remarkable inhabitants of the antique dealer's world.

This is Lovejoy's first appearance on paper—fortunately, It won't be his lost.

JONATHAN GASH (a pseudonym) grew up in a Lancashire mill town, one of a large family of boys. He began to explore the antique world when he was a penniless student in London. He worked as a porter, a canal-keeper, a cinema projectionist, a doorman, and in a livery.

Now he is a doctor, specializing in tropical medicines. He, his wife, and three daughters live in a village in East Anglio. Besides being completely enchanted by the world of antiques he likes the theater and music—and writing.

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