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the golden thorn by helen f daringer illustrated by kurt werth

The golden thorn by Helen F. Daringer; illustrated by Kurt Werth.


New York : Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1956. First edition. Hardcover. 181 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm. $2.75 dust jacket. Small two-inch rip to jacket spine top portion. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm.

The Golden Thorn

The night that Mark, a young shepherd on the Judean hills, came in great excitement to tell Mary and her family of the brilliant new star which had appeared in the sky was a momentous one which brought many changes in Mary's life. After Mark learned of the Infant Jesus, whose birthplace the star had marked, he decided to leave his sheep and study with a physician in a distant city so that he might help the poor and ill and lonely. Mary, not fully understanding Mark's departure and hurt that her best friend seemed to be deserting her, decided to accept a position as nursemaid to the small son of a Pompeian nobleman. From the simple village in which she had always lived, she traveled by land and by sea to Pompeii, a city of great wealth and extravagant living. Mary was gay and lovely to look at, and it was small wonder that Lucius, a rich young man she met there, should fall in love with her. She liked him too, but always there was a feeling deep in her heart that a life of service was richer than one of selfish pleasure, and she could not forget Mark. When the time came for Mary to return home on a visit to her father, the doubts in her heart and mind resolved themselves, and she knew at last where she truly belonged.

With the same warmth and sensitivity she has shown in her earlier books, such as Pilgrim Kate and Country Cousin, Miss Daringer creates here a girl of Biblical times whose emotions and problems seem as real and contemporary as those of girls today. The reader comes to know not only Mary and her friends, but the brown countryside of her native Judea and the Roman splendors of ancient Pompeii.

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