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The Gods of Mount Olympus by Robert Penn Warren ; Illustrated by William Moyers

The Gods of Mount Olympus by Robert Penn Warren ; Illustrated by William Moyers


New York : Random House, 1959. Hardcover. 52 pages ; Illustrated ; 21 cm. 150/150 dust jacket with minimal wear. Gift inscription on flyleaf. No markings elsewhere. Binding sound.


Centuries ago the Ancient Greeks worshiped a group of powerful gods and goddesses who were believed to dwell on the lofty peaks of Mount Olympus, high above the clouds. The Greeks imagined these gods as being very much like themselves, with human traits and human forms—only more beautiful, more powerful, and immortal.

The stories or myths which the Greeks invented about their gods and the creation of the world are a rich part of our heritage; and THE GODS OF MOUNT OLYMPUS, written by Robert Penn Warren, one of our most distinguished writers, fills a long-existing need for a simple, comprehensive volume to introduce young readers to the key figures in the fascinating realm of Greek mythology.

Here are such favorite immortals as Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Prometheus, Athene, and others in many of the exciting myths in which they play important roles.

About the author of this book:
ROBERT PENN WARREN is one of America's leading and most versatile writers. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947 for his novel All The Kings Men; and in 1958, the Edna St. Vincent Millay Award, The National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Promises, a book of poetry.

Since the beginning of his professional career, Mr. Warren has distinguished himself in two areas: teaching and writing. He is also one of the few creative writers who has made an outstanding contribution to literary criticism.

In 1958 Mr. Warren authored the popular Landmark Book, Remember The Alamo! He is married to Eleanor Clark, the novelist; they have two children.

About the illustrator of this book:
WILLIAM MOYERS was born in Georgia, but as a boy he moved to Colorado, where he grew up on a ranch. He attended the Otis Art Institute. His paintings have been exhibited in several art galleries and by the American Watercolor Society.

Mr. Moyers has been doing book illustrations since 1945. He has illustrated the following Landmark Books: Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, Remember the Alamo! and To California by Covered Wagon.

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