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the butcher the ascent of yerupaja by john sack

The Butcher : The ascent of Yerupaja by John Sack


New York : Rinehart and Company, 1952. First Edition. Hardcover. 213 pages ; 20 cm. With price clipped dust jacket. Light foxing to dust jacket. Minor storage odor to pages. No markings within book. Pages are age toned. Binding is firm.

Seven Boys and a Brute of a Mountain in Peru
by John Sack

THEY were not supermen; they were college boys — five from Harvard, two from Stanford. Yet, unexpectedly, they lived one of the most breathtaking adventure stories of recent times.

It started as a romantic lark—it nearly ended in death. The mountain is officially known as Mt. Yerupaja, the highest unclimbed peak in the New World. Unofficially, it is known as THE BUTCHER. The name may have referred to its shape, like a butcher's cleaver, four miles edge-up. "But," declares the author, "it took on a second, more terrible meaning before the summer was over."

The summer was 1950. A veteran mountaineer had warned the boys that there was a twenty-five: per cent chance they'd all be killed if they climbed Yerupaja. The President of the American Alpine Club called any attempt "fantastic." Yet, in true college-boy fashion, they gayly flew to Lima, unkinked their one-hundred-and-twenty-foot ropes in the Grand Hotel Bolivar, then by truck, mule and foot stomped through one hundred and fifty miles of Indian villages to their goal — the top of Peru's UNCONQUERABLE.

The rest is historic in the annals of mountain-climbing. The face of THE BUTCHER was steeper than a ski jump. Some of its ridges were wind-blown sharper than a razor. What started as great fun suddenly became great adventure — an adventure that almost cost two lives.

The story of this climb, reported in this book with on-the-spot immediacy, is one of the great real-life dramas of mountain-climbing literature.

Seven College Boys and a Brute of a Mountain in Peru Called The Butcher

JOHN SACK: Harvard —At Harvard, his chief activity was being news editor of The Harvard Crimson and Harvard correspondent for the Boston Globe and United Press. Since his graduation, he has written THE BUTCHER and several free-lance stories. He is now ip the army.

CHARLES C. (CHUCK) CRUSH: Stanford-A Navy veteran, he is currently teaching high school in Salinas, Calif.

GEORGE BELL: Harvard — He is doing graduate work at Cornell University on an Atomic Energy Commission fellowship. He has gone to Las Vegas several times to do work, there.

AUSTEN RIGGS: Harvard —He also attended Harvard Graduate School where he did work in hemoglobins at the Biology Labs. He has just finished his doctor's thesis.

W. V. GRAHAM MATTHEWS: Harvard - In addition to attending Harvard as a special student, he currently teaches English at the Fessenden School in Newton. He is an Army veteran.

DAVE HARRAH: Stanford-He was President of the Stanford Alpine Club. He is now at the Yale Graduate School, working for a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

JIM MAXWELL: Harvard —The only one of the group who is married. At Harvard, he was President of the Harvard Mountaineering Club. He now lives in Boston and is working on a secret government project at the Boston University Optical labs.

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