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The Body Brokers by Robert Eaton

The Body Brokers by Robert Eaton


Los Angeles : Nash Publishing, 1970. First printing. Hardcover. 303 pages ; 21 cm. $6.95 dust jacket. A very good copy with firm binding, clean and unmarked pages.

The voluptuous women who use their erotic wiles and careless lust to finance glamorous lives of hedonistic abandon...

The moguls of Hollywood and Madison Avenue to whom the value of a human being is measured in Nielsen ratings and sales figures...

The Washington politicos who use their power to rig corporate bidding and to blind the mass media to their venal self-interests...

The jet-set aristocracy who use their money and fame to pursue depravity throughout the most decadent watering holes of the world...


And these are the cast of characters in Robert P. Eaton's novel. You will find yourself drawn to their beauty, their sexuality, their power, their lives of satiety. You won't be alone. Don't we make these people our movie idols? Don't we elect them to our legislatures? Don't we admit them to our sexual reveries?

Condemn The Body Brokers if you will, but remember that they are dangerous and that those who condemn them most loudly are often those who recognize their likenesses in their own hearts.

ROBERT P. EATON has lived among The Body Brokers. He likes to think he has escaped with his mind and soul intact. This book is the story of a man's sojourn in a world so corrupt, it is mistaken for beauty.

THE THEATRE, the world of films, the life of the international jet set, the hard-boiled competition of big business, the intrigues of official Washington—Robert P. Eaton has lived them all, and has put them all in his compelling first novel, THE BODY BROKERS, a story that chronicles the power struggles that go on behind the scenes in the entertainment, political, and financial centers of the United States.

Disenchanted by what he calls vertical death, "the whole phony, glittering charade of a world constantly on the make," Robert Eaton gave up his life in Hollywood to write THE BODY BROKERS. He now commutes regularly from his home in New York to London, Paris and Rome, and is hard at work on his second novel and several exciting motion picture projects which he is going to produce. He has told it like it is, no more, no less.

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