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the blind spot by austin hall and homer eon flint illustrated by hannes bok

The Blind Spot by Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint ; illustrated by Hannes Bok


Philadelphia : Prime Press, 1951. First edition, stated. Hardcover. 293 pages ; illustrated ; 18 cm. $3.50 dust jacket with minimal wear. Blue cover with gilt title at spine. Pages are age toned and unmarked. Binding is firm.


"The most famous fantastic mystery of them all!" says Mary Gnaedinger, veteran fantasy editor, of THE BLIND SPOT by Hall and Flint. Since this story first appeared in magazine form in 1921, its reputation has steadily grown so that today it stands with THE SHIP OF ISHTAR, THE WORLD BELOW, LEST DARKNESS FALL, TOPPER, and other classics of imaginative literature.

The authors have taken the theme of another dimension or plane of existence, coexisting with ours but not interfering with it, and of the startling results that might follow the establish¬ment of communication between these planes. In the vicinity of San Francisco, the heroes of the story find an old house in which strange phenomena occur, such as the sound of a huge bell where no bell exists. And into San Francisco steps a curious character a man calling himself the Rhamda Avec—who among his other exotic traits has never before seen the sun.

The story leisurely builds up a powerful mood of unbearable suspense as the heroes gradually solve the problem of the gateway to the other world —a world utterly different from ours, inhabited by such beguiling women as the Nervina and the Ariadna, and such malevolent creatures as the Bar Senestro. And finally, comes the smashing climax...

This work of unearthly adventure is illustrated by Hannes Bok, famous for his otherworldly illustrations, and has an introduction by Forrest J. Ackerman, noted connoisseur and collector of fantasy, who met Austin Hall during that author's lifetime.


Prime Press is also publishing THE BLIND SPOT'S equally renowned sequel, THE SPOT OF LIFE, another classic from the great days of the Twenties when so many of the lines along which imaginative literature would develop were laid out by such pioneers as Hall and Flint. Homer Eon Flint was dead (or in the realm of the Blind Spot) when his collaborator undertook to carry on this chronicle of the nexus between weirdly different planes of existence.

The fair prospects with which THE BLIND SPOT closed, we learn, have been frustrated by bloody tragedy, and now the struggle between good and evil, in this world and that other one, is being carried on by the second generation of inter-dimensional adventures. The forces of evil, having triumphed (for the time being) in the other world, plan an irresistible incursion into this one.

The story, like its predecessor, is a story of mood and suspense, carefully built up to a climax of furious and fantastic action. Anybody who enjoyed THE BLIND SPOT will be un¬happy until he has added THE SPOT OF LIFE to his collection too.

Prime Press has engaged the same outstanding artist, Hannes Bok, to illustrate the volume, and Forrest J. Ackerman to prepare the preface, revealing further little-known facts about the creators of these masterpieces. Fans have demanded these works between hard covers for many years, until at last, after a long search, Ackerman has located the heirs and negotiated the contract.

Furthermore, later this year Prime Press will present another important volume: a collection of science-fiction novelettes by Homer Eon Flint, entitled THE PLANETEER*

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