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the artist in society problems and treatment of the creative personality by lawrence j hatterer

The Artist in Society : Problems and Treatment of the Creative Personality by Lawrence J. Hatterer


New York : Grove Press, Inc., 1965. First printing. Stated. Hardcover. 188 pages ; 22 cm. $5.50 dust jacket with lite wear and tear. Red cloth. Black title at spine. Pages are unmarked. Binding is firm.

The Artist in Society
Problems and treatment of the creative personality
by Lawrence J. Hatterer, M.D.

Despite the great mass of psychoanalytic and psychological literature that has accumulated about artists and their specific personality traits and problems, little has been written on the basis of actual clinical experience. Most has been theoretical, and a great deal has dealt with artists remote in time and place from the analyst, who has therefore been compelled to delve into his artist-subject by way of conjecture and apocryphal information.

Dr. Hatterer, by contrast, has had the opportunity of seeing and treating a considerable number of creative personalities. From his earliest clinical work he was drawn toward artists and, subsequently, built up a large practice in the creative professions: painters, photographers, sculptors, architects, designers, actors, directors, choreographers, singers, dancers, playwrights, poets, novelists, composers, and others.

From this experience, he has been able to formulate interesting and important generalizations about the creative process and the problems of the artistic personality which, in many respects, contradict long-held notions. Not the least important section of his book is that in which he surveys the history of the theories of artistic creativity and presents his own critique of them.

The drives, needs, values, and special situation of artists in our society, the problems peculiar to the creative personality in the modern setting, and the techniques of psychotherapy of artists who require help are discussed in full. Money problems, problems of recognition, creative work block and its causes, family relationships, sexual entanglements, homosexuality, the woman in the arts, and the exceptional talent are among the many subjects considered.

With Dr. Hatterer's book, it is possible for the entire subject of artistic personalities in modern society to be raised to a new and higher level of discussion. Not only therapists but artists themselves will be interested in learning from his rich experience.

Born in New York City, Dr. Lawrence J. Hatterer received his B.A. at Princeton University and his M.D. at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University. For the past fifteen years he has trained, served, and taught at the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic of the New York Hospital, where he also did the research for this book. A Clinical Assistant Professor at the Cornell University College of Medicine and a Fellow of the Academy of Psychoanalysis, he is presently continuing his research along with the private practice of psychiatry. He has presented and published several papers about the problems and treatment of creative people.

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