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The art of Russian cooking by Nina Nicolaieff and Nancy Phelan ; drawings by Jules Maidoff.

The art of Russian cooking by Nina Nicolaieff and Nancy Phelan ; drawings by Jules Maidoff.


New York : Galahad Books, 1969. Hardcover. 263 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. $5.95 dust jacket. Very good copy, with original dust jacket, firm binding, clean and unmarked pages.

The Art of Russian Cooking
By Nina Nicolaieff and Nancy Phelan

To the Russian people, eating and drinking are not just a matter of refuelling but a vital expression of their nature, their tradition, their way of life. All through Russian literature writers have written lovingly, lyrically, about food and drink. In Russia great eaters have always been admired and great hosts revered.

Small wonder, then, that Russian cuisine is one of the most exciting in the world—as diverse and varied as the country itself. And in this marvelous collection of Russian recipes of the past and present you'll find dishes of every type: Pheasant with Oriental Sauce from the East . . . Russian Apple Pie from the West . . . Kisel (fruit juice pudding) from the North ... Chahoh-bili Chicken from the ancient kingdom of Georgia in the South. These are just samples! For some other tempting details, please see the back of this jacket.

Nina Nicolaieff was born in Moscow, moved to Sydney, Australia, in 1948, married there, and soon began giving lessons in Russian cooking to Australian housewives. Today, one of her favorite pastimes is serving Russian dishes to her many friends of different nationalities.

Nancy Phelan was born and educated in Sydney, moved to London in 1938 where she married and lived for ten years, and has travelled extensively around the world. A proficient writer and yoga expert, Mrs. Phelan has always been interested in cooking. She especially enjoys Russian food — so much so that she persuaded her friend, Nina, to contribute the recipes which make up this book.

"A Russian meal is an animated affair," the authors of THE ART OF RUSSIAN COOKING write. "Balalaikas vibrate, excited voices argue, declaim poems, propose toasts or break into song. Russian soul comes up for discussion—they talk of their souls as other people speak of the weather-and some may be overcome and burst into tears, men as well .as. women. Then kisses and embraces are exchanged, di-minutive names used, and over all the noise, the music, the emotion, is the warm, enveloping spirit of Slav hospitality."

An integral part of that hospitality is Russian food-presented here in all its diversity, from the most rich and exotic dishes to the simple everyday fare which is neither elaborate nor difficult to prepare. You'll find the famqus blinis (pancakes eaten with caviar, anchovies, or salted salmon and lots of sour cream and melted butter), hearty Borsch and the great classics, Chicken Kiev and Boeuf Stroganoff... but you'll also find Velement (savory patties boiled in stock), Kotletki (ground meat rolled in bread crumbs and fried in butter) and the popular Boufenina (ham cooked in beer).

There are Russian desserts—fruit tortes, Cottage Cheese Pie, Coffee Parfait, Mazurka Fruit Cake; Russian drinks like kvass (non-alcoholic beer) and honey mead; and some typical Russian menus to help you plan your own Russian feast. All you need add are the balalaikas!

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