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  • The Adventures of Percival: A Phylogenetic Tale (Illustrated Fairy Tales for Adults) by Pierre Senges
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The Adventures of Percival: A Phylogenetic Tale by Pierre Senges

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Publisher : Dis Voir
Binding : Paperback
Pages : 128
Publication Date : 10/31/2009
Condition : BRAND NEW
The first installment in Dis Voir's new "illustrated fairy tales for adults," The Adventures of Percival is based on the classic probability proposition that a chimpanzee randomly typing will eventually type a Shakespeare sonnet. Here, McIntosh, a gardener-mathematician (and spiritual cousin of Baron Münchhausen), decides to take the fable seriously, and with the assistance of a typewriter and a chimpanzee called Percival, undertakes to enact the experiment. Naturally things don't go as planned, as the chimpanzee proves to be less compliant than expected and bizarre behavioral mergings occur between man and animal. Nicolas de Crécy's comic drawings sometimes illustrate and sometimes contradict Senges' narrative, or inveigle themselves between his lines like a creeper. Inspired by research in animal behavior led by Dominique Lestel, and by the work of the landscape artist-gardener Alain Richert, Senges' tale of interspecies cognition makes a conscious nod towards contemporary debates within the cognitive sciences.