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  • Sovak by Hans-Peter Riese
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Sovak by Hans-Peter Riese

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Publisher : Wienand Verlag
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 344
Publication Date : 9/1/2007
Condition : BRAND NEW
Fine lines and structures form a dense network on the surface of an image, sometimes emerging as geometric forms and bodies. This fascination with hidden grids and structures can be found throughout Pravoslav Sovak’s œuvre. One thematic focus in particular is the city. While Sovak tended to present this motif in his early works in lonely street scenes, in his later work he displays an interest in broader cityscapes, especially in American skyscrapers as structural formations. Another important series can be seen in his museum images. They depict museum-like interiors with people in front of works that were important to the artist. As a contemporary of artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Mario Maerz and Antoni Tàpies, he was influenced by the ideas of Minimal and Pop Art. The fact that he is – quite unjustifiably – less well known is due to his personal reservations to the commercialization of his art.