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Shu Ching : Book of History ; A modernized edition of the tranlsations of James Legge by Clae Waltham

Shu Ching : Book of History ; A modernized edition of the tranlsations of James Legge by Clae Waltham


Chicago : Henry Regnery Company, 1971. Hardcover. 277 pages ; 22 cm. $12.50 dust jacket with minimal wear. Pages toned and unmarked. Binding's firm.

Book of History
A modernized edition of the translations of James Legge

The Shu ching stands with the I ching and the Shih ching as one of the three oldest books in the world. Saved from Oblivion by Confucius, it ranks as one of the great contributions to a knowledge of human intellectual development. It is as fundamental to Eastern thought as Plato and Aristotle are to Western. The Shu ching illumines the development of political China and is basic to an understanding of China's history and modern political temper.

The Shu ching covers seventeen hundred years, from 2357 B.C. to 631 B.C., dealing, in large part, with the traditional dynasty of Hsia; the Shang dynasty, the age of jade and bronze; and the Chou dynasty, with its elaborate ceremonial.

The Chinese clan system, the rise of feudalism, the concerns and occupations of early China are revealed through the Shu ching's documents, as are the affairs of state and the daily lives—of the great and the de-prived, the rich and the corrupt—of the most important country of the time.

The Shu ching appears in this edition for the first time as a single-volume modernized version of the classic James Legge translation.

James Legge, the translator, was among the first Western residents of Hong Kong and was a pioneer Sinologue and Eastern scholar. His 1865 and 1879 translations of the Chinese classics remain the definitive, if complex and almost unobtainable, works.

Clae Waltham, who has previously edited Legge's translations of I ching and Chuang Tzu, has in this edition updated Legge's obsolete romanizations, fused his two translations, culled the voluminous notes for relevant material, and modernized the text without abridging or condensing it.

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