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She rode a white horse by Evelyn Tyler

She rode a white horse by Evelyn Tyler


New York : Thomas Y. Crowell, 1952. First edition. Hardcover. 310 pp. ; 20 cm. In a beautiful, pictorial dust jacket designed by Morton Kunstler.Price clipped. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is firm.

Evelyn Tyler

This is the story of an attractive woman battling for her beliefs in the tough, ruthless world of district politics. When Dana Marston, eager and idealistic, is offered the Congressional nomination by one ©f the major parties, she cannot resist the challenge. With the backing of her party and the guidance of Mike Throgge, the brilliant ambitious District Leader, this seems her chance to ride a white horse toward a better world.

As the campaign begins, Dana finds herself caught up in the complexities and compromise of political life. She is faced with the antagonism of Katie Cauley, the publicity ace, who scorns her beliefs; with her growing consciousness of the corruption within her own party; and with the example of Larson, the Independent candidate, whose stern uncompromising nature forces her to question her own integrity.

Interwoven with this surging political campaign story is the romantic triangle of Dana, Mike, and Sturgis. Reliable but stodgy Sturgis who sees his wife going far above and beyond him; Mike, ruthless, electric — urging Dana forward to greater heights; and Dana herself, unable to sort out her own emotions as she becomes more and more involved in seething, pre-election challenges.

Essentially the story of a woman who lost one love only to find an even greater one, She Rode a White Horse is, also, a fiery picture of party politics on all levels, described with the vitality and the knowledge of a sure hand.


EVELYN TYLER confesses that she is an "envelope writer." As soon as a story and characters are decided upon, each character receives an envelope of his own in which description, bits of bu. —^;s, even scenes which he dominates are placed. "When minor character's envelope becomes stuffed," reports Mrs. Tyler, "then s know he's taking over. I either have to cut him down to size or give him a more significant role in the plot."

In writing She Rode a White Horse, Mrs. Tyler has been able to draw upon her own political experiences a background for this novel of a woman running for Congress. As Candida*1 for the state legislature in one of the "splinter" parties some years ago, she was introduced to a world with its own code and its own language. In political terminology, Mrs. Tyler states, "you select a horse [candidate], groom it, train it, discipline it and then place it side by side with the best in its class. If your horse wins, the gains are immediate and specific. If ii loses, all you have to show is experience ... but the experience is unique, eventful, sometimes unsavory, but always fascinating. "This is the framework for Mrs. Tyler's first novel, She Rode a White Horse.

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