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  • Sean Scully: Night and Day (CHEIM & READ) by John Yau
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Sean Scully: Night and Day (CHEIM & READ) by John Yau

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Publisher : Cheim & Read
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 64
Publication Date : 9/30/2014
Condition : BRAND NEW
Sean Scully (born 1945) is known for rich, painterly abstractions in which stripes or blocks of layered color are a prevailing motif. The delineated geometry of his work provides structure for an expressive, physical rendering of color, light, and texture. Scully's simplification of his compositions and use of repetitive forms--squares, rectangles, bands--echoes architectural motifs (doors, windows, walls) and in this way appeals to a universal understanding and temporal navigation of the picture plane. However, the intimacy of Scully's process, in which he layers and manipulates paint with varying brushstrokes and sensibilities, results in a highly sensual and tactile materiality. His colors and their interactions, often subtly harmonized, elicit profound emotional associations. Scully does not shy away from Romantic ideals and the potential for personal revelation. He strives to combine, as he has said, "intimacy with monumentality." This volume surveys works of the past three years.