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Savage Sam by Fred Gipson ; Decorations by Carl Burger

Savage Sam by Fred Gipson ; Decorations by Carl Burger


New York : Harper & Brothers, 1962. First edition. Stated. Hardcover. 214 pages ; illustrated ; 22 cm. $3.00 dust jacket with minimal wear. Yellow cover cloth with red title on front and spine. Pages are clean, unmarked and binding are firm.

Savage Sam
by Fred Gipson author of OLD YELLER

OLD YELLER was instantly acclaimed by young and old alike and has already become a classic. This novel about Savage Sam, the son of the old yeller dog, is as exciting and true a piece of Americana as its predecessor.

Tied to an Apache's horse, Travis Coates dimly remembered his skepticism of the rumor that there were raiding Indians in the vicinity. East Texas in the 1870's seemed too settled for such talk to have the spine-chilling effect it used to have. But as a captive, along with his brother, Little Arliss, and gentle Lisbeth Searcy, Travis was almost without hope. Barring a miracle, only death or life as slaves lay before them.

Then a high-pitched, bell-like cry pierced Travis' consciousness. Little Arliss' trail hound, Savage Sam, was following them. And once he had the scent Sam could trail any creature as long as it cared to run. When Travis suddenly and unexpectedly found himself free, he joined Sam's grueling pursuit of the two captive children.

The fierce determination of a boy and a dog to help the people they love makes a moving story, as swift as a chase, as turbulent as a sudden Texas storm.

Mr. Gipson is the author of HOUND-DOG MAN, THE TRAIL-DRIVING ROOSTER, and RECOLLECTION CREEK, as well as OLD YELLER. Some reviews of OLD YELLER appear on the back of this jacket.



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