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  • Roxy Paine (ELECTA) by Marc Mayer
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Roxy Paine by Marc Mayer

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Publisher : Rizzoli Electa
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 288
Publication Date : 11/13/2018
Condition : BRAND NEW
Sculptor Roxy Paine's installations can feel like a cross between an alien landscape or a mad-scientist's laboraoty inside of a Twilight Zone episode. Bringing together "science" and the natural world, his surreal and sometimes eerie work has garnered him an elevated place in the pantheon of uber-creative artists who create their own fantastical universes. This monograph - the most comprehensive on the market - expertly surveys nearly 20 years of work. Since 1989, Roxy Paine has been filling galleries, museums, and sites worldwide with his dark, whimsical installations and sculptures, melding the industrial and the organic to explore manmade and natural systems--and their ramifications. Paine divides his work into categories: "Art Making Machines," mad-scientist mini-factories that produce works of art; "Replicants," replicas of flora and fungi made out of industrial materials; "Fungal Fields," painterly compositions of his fungi sculptures; "Specimen Cases," vitrines filled with his fungal and floral replicas; and "Dendroids," metal tree-like forms. Through these industrial-natural visions, Paine reveals the horror and wonder when science and nature collide.