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  • Rodin: In Private Hands by Ben Hunter
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Rodin: In Private Hands by Ben Hunter

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Publisher : Bowman Sculpture
Binding : Paperback
Pages : 272
Publication Date : 10/1/2016
Condition : BRAND NEW
Published to accompany the exhibition of the same name in 2014, Rodin: In Private Hands is a selection of works by Rodin curated by the Bowman Gallery. These pieces range from single figures, couples and groups to isolated torsos, heads and hands—very few have been seen in public before. Richly illustrated with 227 color photographs of rare pieces never before seen in public, and with an introduction by Robert Bowman and a foreword by Professor David Ekserdjian, this book will be a delight to anyone with an appreciation for Rodin, modern sculpture or the human figure. Remarkably few sculptors are household names, but Rodin is unquestionably one of the happy few. He is also by far and away the most celebrated and best loved sculptor of the 19th century. His works have become icons of modern art. The Kiss and The Thinker rank among the most famous images in the world, and are universally recognized even by those who have never set foot in a museum.