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red moon and black mountain the end of the house of kendreth by joy chant

Red Moon and Black Mountain : the end of the House of Kendreth by Joy Chant


New York : E. P. Dutton & Co., 1976. First American edition in Hardcover, after the 1971 paperback edition issued by Ballantine Books. Stated "First Edition w/full numbers line" on the copyright page. Hardcover. 277 pages ; 22 cm. $7.95 dust jacket. No markings within book. Pages are clean and binding is firm.

Red Moon and Black Mountain

"There was a flash of colour through the hedge; the elder of the boys was wearing a scarlet sweater. That alone would have told him these were the three he awaited. Two boys and a girl. He watched them cycling slowly along and shook his head, almost regretfully. The girl looked so young, wavering along behind her brothers; and they came so unsuspecting.

"Yet necessity has no heart, and his errand was dictated by black necessity. He sat back, set the pipe to his lips, and began to play..."

And so did Penelope, Nicholas, and Oliver Powell find themselves suddenly transported from the Essex countryside into Kedrinh, the Starlit Land, each at a special destination with a special prophecy to fulfill. Fendarl, fallen Enchanter of the Star Magic and banished Lord of the Black Mountain, had grown strong in exile, and moved to challenge the very existence of goodness, his power waxing with the Red Moon.

JOY CHANT is Schools Librarian for a London borough. She has been writing since her early teens, and has created such a complete fantasy world by now that she says creating its history (of which this book is only one period) is unnervingly like archaeology. "I find that writing fantasy necessitates a great deal of research into geology and meteorology; I am convinced that fantasy needs a solid underpinning of detail, not too much at variance with what the reader knows to be fact, to give it any inner coherence."

This is the first book she has completed, since in addition to her very full-time job, she is director of a young people's theatre group. Most of her writing is done on holiday—by the sea, whenever possible, for it is one of her passions. The other, easily recognized by readers of this book, is horses.

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