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proposition thirty one by robert h rimmer

Proposition Thirty-one by Robert H. Rimmer


New York : New American Library, 1968. First printing. Hardcover. 307 pages ; 21 cm. $5.95 dust jacket. A very good copy with firm binding, clean and unmarked pages.

Proposition Thirty-One is a powerful and imaginative social novel that could lastingly affect the fabric of American family life. The story begins as the deeply felt, shocking account of the marital and extramarital adventures of two couples, next-door neighbors, who refuse to live monogamously or as hypocrites. Out of this double refusal and their sense of responsibility to their children comes Proposition Thirty-One, a revolutionary proposal to legalize group marriage in California via the ballot The state is torn by controversy over the Proposition, and on the eve of decision the issue is in doubt.

Robert H. Rimmer uses explicit sexual detail not to stun the reader's senses; he uses it to hack away the bedrock of an overly rigid morality in order to substitute a substantially different, more feasible marriage relationship. Only yesterday Proposition Thirty-One would have heen banned everywhere. Even today some will call it immoral and dangerous. But the danger, if any, may be only that Mr. Rimmer is ten years ahead of his time.

Robert H. Rimmer, an outgoing man of boundless energy who heads his own business in Boston, holds a degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about people and the things that prevent them from getting along with each other. The Harrad Experiment, his most celebrated book before Proposition Thirty-One, is considered by some people to be immoral, but is in fact a bold exploration of new possibilities in interpersonal relations.

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