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  • Paul Mogensen by Hans Ulrich Obrist
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Paul Mogensen by Hans Ulrich Obrist

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Publisher : Karma Books, New York
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 424
Publication Date : 1/22/2019
Condition : BRAND NEW
The latest in Karma's acclaimed series of overviews, this 424-page clothbound volume is the first comprehensive survey of New York–based minimalist painter Paul Mogensen (born 1941). Born in Los Angeles, Mogensen arrived in New York in 1966 already associated with such peers as David Novros and (through Novros) Brice Marden. His first solo exhibition at the Bykert Gallery came the following year. Since that time, Mogensen has created often colorful works that follow rule-based progressions (such as the “n + 1” method) to generate sharply executed geometric abstractions.In a text for this volume, the artist Lynda Benglis usefully summarizes the special character of Mogensen’s art: “Paul is a colorist who is measured in his method. It may be said that he is a decorative painter as well a painter of a philosophical disposition. He is stringent in his approach, as stringent as a mechanic might be with a Ferrari. There are no accidents.”