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Outrun the Constable by Selwyn Jepson

Outrun the Constable by Selwyn Jepson


New York : Doubleday & Co., 1948. First Edition. Stated. Hardcover. 288 pages ; 22 cm. $2.75 dust jacket with minimal wear. Shelfwear to boards. Pages toned and unmarked. Binding is firm.


He saw her face, as white as her long white velvet evening coat, which was unfastened and showed the white satin frock beneath.

Then he saw something on the jrucl{ itself. Down the front of it. From just below the breasts and almost to her knees was a stain: ct dreadful, sullying smear of blood.

"Joseph's dead," she said. "Joseph's dead—d'vou hear, Johnnie? Dead!

JONATHAN was a nice guy, but not very bright. He believed Charlotte Inwood's shaky story about how her husband had been killed, and went back to the scene of the crime to fix things up so the lovely lady wouldn't have to take a murder rap. But he muddled things a bit, and it began to look as i£ he were going to be stuck with the killing himself.

At this point Eve Gill, herself no favorite of the police, set out to discover who was innocent and who was not. She was pretty sure Jonathan was honest. She was equally sure he was ingenuous. And she was positive that someone was begging for trouble.

After exposing herself to real danger to find the solution, she then found she had to beat the truth into the head of the lovable but stubborn Jonathan.

Here is a racing mystery-ad venture setup, featuring a smart girl with a sense of humor, and Selwyn Jepson has made of it an extremely readable, suspenseful, humorous, and highly entertaining story.

SELWYN JEPSON, whose Keep Murder Quiet has become a classic in the crime library, is an Englishman with such varied interests as cooking, dancing, painting in oils, furniture making, and marksmanship. During the war he worked for the British Government on highly secret technical work. He lives with his wife and a large number of books in an apartment overlooking Bond Street in London.

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