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  • Outback Dusk by Paul Freeman
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Outback Dusk by Paul Freeman

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Publisher : Paul Freeman Publishing
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 188
Publication Date : 10/1/2014
Condition : BRAND NEW
Outback Dusk features art nude photographs of  handsome, masculine and sensual  men within an array of hauntingly beautiful and raw outback settings. Paul Freeman has established himself at the pinnacle of his craft, not only as a photographer, but as a visual poet and artist, eulogizing as he captures the spirit of the rugged yet sensitive Australian male in all his physical glory. His genius is to find the right men to photograph and then tell an enthralling story with his vision from behind the camera. From the quality of the compositions and the lighting, through to the texture of the outback locations, these are some of the most perfectly executed and delightful photographs in any collection, and set a tone of sophistication so rarely achieved in books of the male nude.    Dusk, like its' predecessor Bushmen, features an array of beautifully built real men! These men are au naturel, mostly unshaven or bearded, naked, men as they are meant to be, at times dirty after a day's toil, figures in repose, asleep, bathing, washing, being playful with each other, and with the reader, or just inhabiting the many hauntingly beautiful landscapes in the book. It is difficult to imagine a more genuinely magnificent collection of men unfettered by contemporary distractions or self-conscious falseness . This is the beauty of Paul Freeman's work - honest, celebratory, and deeply appreciative of man in his natural state. This monograph is a remarkable artistic achievement by one of our most important photographic artists.