Odds on Miss Seeton by Heron Carvic

Odds on Miss Seeton by Heron Carvic

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New York : Harper & Row, 1975. First Edition. Hardcover. 150 pages ; 21 cm. $6.95 dust jacket unclipped. Very good copy in original dust jacket with unmarked pages and square binding.


EMILY KIMBROUGH says: "The gloriously preposterous Miss Seeton is at it again with pencil, handbag and other weapons. Odds on Miss Seeton tor enjoyment."

And Louis UNTERMEYER says: "Applause for the combination of suspense and farce in Odds on Miss Seeton. Renewed cheers for the lady. May she live—and stumble through accidents—forever."

They were gambling at The Gold Fish, and drinking, and the police were watching them....

"No proof, mind you. We've pinpointed five men we think are running it—there may be more but I doubt it—and we think —again it's only think—that only the top man matters and if we can get him we'll break it. They're getting a hold on all gambling over here. They started on the race tracks; they've got a firm grip on the fun arcades; now they're taking over the casinos and moving in on the fairground operators," Inspector Borden of Fraud told Detective Chief Superintendent Delphick. "We've got to break the syndicate before it becomes an all-out war—
with us caught in the cross-fire."

And the method they were going to use to break the syndicate? They were going to send in a little old lady—Miss Seeton. With people to watch over her, of course. Miss Seeton bejeweled. And with her sketching pencil in hand.

Sir Hubert Everleigh, Assistant Commissioner (Crime) was somewhat dubious when he learned of the project. "That poor woman. Fraud have undoubtedly acted according to their best lights, but to overdress and over jewel her as they have smacked of the 1920s and E. Philips Oppenheim, forgetting that Mr. Oppen-heim said thatch gambling establishments the world over, people are judged not by what they put upon themselves but by what they put upon the table. Poor Miss Seeton. I cannot but feel that it may prove to be a disconcerting and embarrassing evening."

That's the way Miss Seeton, under a mauve off, felt, too, at the start. However, being Miss Seeton, and what with one thing and another, things turned out entirely different from what anyone would have expected—as always happened when she was around.

This delightful novel will enchant people who come upon Miss Seeton cold—those who have enjoyed her company previously will be very happy to have her around again, grappling bravely with the bad guys.

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