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No hiding place by Rae Foley - Cultural Heritage Books

No hiding place by Rae Foley


New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1969. Hardcover. 188 pages ; 21 cm. $3.95 dust jacket. Foxing to dust jacket verso, front and rear end papers, and as well as the page edges. Binding are firm. Pages are unmarked.

Rae Foley

If Judy had not borrowed her roommate's briefcase that morning, if she had not switched briefcases with the terrified redheaded woman in the subway and then disposed of the stranger's case in a panic, she would not have found herself within twenty-four hours suspected by the police of the death of her roommate, while she was being stalked by a frantic killer.

"There's no use fooling myself, is there?" she said. "Now I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea. Don't you think I know the position I'm in? I haven't got the briefcase. I don't know where it is or what was in it. I don't even know why it could be dangerous enough to be worth killing two women for. How can I protect myself when I don't know what I am to be protected against? And if I can't produce the briefcase, the chances are that the police will arrest me for Peg's murder. She left everything to me and there isn't anyone else with a motive for killing her."

In days of mounting terror Judy learned that, since she did not know the identity of the killer, there was no place to hide because she did not know what to hide from.

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