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Murphy by Kurt Unkelbach - Cultural Heritage Books

Murphy by Kurt Unkelbach


Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, 1967. Hardcover. 186 pages ; 20 cm. A very good copy with original dust jacket, in very good condition with firm binding, clean and unmarked pages.

Who is Murphy?

He's a charming beagle wanting love and companionship, whose adventures take him through a chain of exciting events that affect the lives of many people. Especially Henry Deane. Henry had always wanted a beagle, and when he spotted Murphy he felt his wish had come true. What he didn't know was Murphy's tragic history. Tragic because he was deserted by his former owners after a summer vacation. Hungry, lonely, lost—Murphy joins a roving pack of wild dogs, led by a giant black beast called King. The predatory dog pack becomes a scourge to the once peaceful countryside.

Shortly after, Murphy visits the mysterious Cat Woman of the hills. He tangles with a Toulouse gander and is badly beaten and bruised. Henry binds his wounds and nurses him back to health and he becomes Henry's dog.

Peace and partnership are short-lived as trouble comes when Murphy is identified as a member of the dog pack suspected of attacking a little girl. Suspense builds as Murphy vindicates himself in a wild and surprising climax, aided by the keen observations of his devoted master.

With wit, perception and the knowledge of dog life he commands so well, Kurt Unkelbach tells, in this novel, the ageless story of a boy's love for a dog. It's a book long to be remembered and one which the whole family will enjoy.

The Author
Kurt Unkelbach is familiar to the dog fancy both here and abroad through his writing for dog journals and his two books Love On A Leash and The Winning of Westminster. He and his wife are leading breeders of Labrador Retrievers.

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