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Mr. Madam : Confessions of a male madam by Kenneth Marlowe; Introduction by Dr. Leonard A. Lowag - Cultural Heritage Books

Mr. Madam : Confessions of a male madam by Kenneth Marlowe; Introduction by Dr. Leonard A. Lowag


Los Angeles, Ca. : Sherbourne Press, 1964. First printing. Hardcover. 246 pages ; photographic illustrations ; 21 cm. $5.95 dust jacket. A very good copy with firm binding, clean and unmarked pages.

Confessions of a Male Madam

"I'll bet you could teach us a few tricks!" My God, had I ever heard that before? "If it's been thought of by anyone, I've done it. I don't suppose there's much I don't know about sex. And there have been moments, sweetheart, when I thought I invented it."

The conversation above took place in the luxurious parlor of a very special Hollywood whorehouse. An arrogant Kenneth Marlowe was speaking. He was wealthy, sitting on top of the world while pontificating pearls of sexual wisdom to a group of nervous young men willing, yes eager, to engage in perverse sexual practices for money. Kenneth Marlowe was "Mr. Madam"—queen of a beehive of pretty little homosexual slaves who brought in the honey by submitting to the erotic demands of an exclusive Hollywood clientele. Kenny Marlowe had come a long way. As a child he found he could win friendship by being the receptacle for the homosexual lust of older boys. Then he found others who would pay for the same service. Now, as queen bee, he could pick and choose while Phantoms performed behind locked doors to bring him money.

People write books for many different reasons. Kenneth Marlowe wrote his autobiography because he is no longer the "queen bee" described in this book, but he knows why he was. It is incredible that one so young could have cut so keenly to the core of a violently sordid past and expressed it with lucidity. No regrets, no moralizing—here is the truth!

As an unwanted child, Kenneth Marlowe turned to sex and it became the key to his life, opening myriad dismal doors until he was able to find himself.

Kept by a Sugar Daddy as a teenager, he went on to become a star-stripper in gaudy Calumet City, and a hairdresser in a New Orleans cathouse. After the Kefauver Investigations, he was drafted and raped by fourteen men in his barracks—and enjoyed it! He studied for the missionary, owned a theatrical telephone answering service and operated his own male Call House in Hollywood. And between these and other escapades, worked in every kind of hair salon and resort until he reached the top as the personal hair stylist of the world's most celebrated women.

"All I ever wanted was love. 1 couldn't find it at home so I sought it elsewhere. I thought I would get it through my school friends. And I aid. Only I didn't know it wasn't love. It was just sex. I found that nobody was my friend for any reason except sex." These are Mr. Marlowe's words. He tells his story simply.

"As soon as the door closed behind us he grabbed me and smothered me to him with a bear-like grip. I was looking up at the ceiling wondering how the hell I let myself get roped into this. And how to get myself out. I was nineteen and attractive but much as I needed the cash I wasn't about to waste what I had on him."

"He came over and put his arm around my shoulders, gave me a brotherly hug and asked, 1 Brother, do you need our prayers?' "

"The family never put up any fuss about my sin-filled, sex-filled life. We never discussed the enormity of my involvement. But the minute I got religion they all razzed me."

"/ was spending so much time at the Square it didn't seem practical to go back to the Dolly Madison Baking Company. Somebody else could stack the dirty pans. Sex was much too time-consuming."

"He wasn't exactly my cup of tea but what the hell, I was going to be paid for it. Suddenly his looks didn't matter so much."

"/ had a different sailor in bed each night and in the morning we'd have breakfast with my parents and mother said, 'Kenny certainly makes new friends fast!' "

"Jack put his arm around me, gave me a big hug and said, 'You've got talent!' As I grabbed my headed bag in the dash for the door, I looked back to see if he was still with me. He was."

"As I turned my back to the audience I spotted the saxophone player. He was a doll. He smiled. I gave him a grind, and forgot all about the audience."

"Tourists loved to be able to say they'd danced with a man in women's clothing and we made them shell out to he able to brag about it."

"Every time a cabbie brings a trick he gets forty per cent, the girl gets forty and the house pockets twenty—it's fust simple arithmetic."

Kenneth Marlowe now lives in a country home nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains in California. His writing has appeared in Nugget, Adam, and Sexology. His Mr. Madam is currently being prepared for musical comedy adaptation on Broadway. Still actively touring on the night club circuit, Mr Marlowe is writing a second book, "Speaking of Sex."

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