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moon of three rings by andre norton

Moon of Three Rings by Andre Norton


New York : Viking Press, 1966. Book club edition. Hardcover. 316 pages ; 21 cm. Storage odor to pages. In original book club dust jacket, illustrated by Robin Jacques. Ownership markings on front free end paper. No markings within the pages. Binding is firm.

Moon of Three Rings

"I spin from world to world because it is a way of life to which I have been born and bred. I know of none different."

This way of life was to bring Krip Vorlund, the Free Trader, to a planet called Yrktor at the time of the Moon of the Three Rings. The Three Rings meant power, and those few of Yiktor who possessed it could shadow a man's life or turn it into nothingness.

Maelen, the trainer of werewolf-like animals, had this power. A Moon Singer, a sorceress, a weaver of thoughts, Maelen willed that Krip leave his body to be found and carried to the Valley of the Forgotten by those pursuing him for their own evil in the space race. And by her magic, Maelen "espered" the transplantation of Krip's inner being into the form of one of her own little creatures.

Now, in the guise of a predatory animal, Krip is terrorized by a fear more powerful than any he had ever known as a Free Trader of the Galaxies. For although his external characteristics have changed, his soul remains the same. To make his plight known to those outside the realm of the Moon of Three Rings is impossible. How can he, a hunted creature, retrieve his body and remetamorphosize to his natural state before it is too late?

Brilliantly told by a leading science-fiction writer, Moon of Three Rings is an absorbing space-age adventure that can be read on many levels.

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