Metamorphosis of a Criminal : The true life story of Ed Edwards
Metamorphosis of a Criminal : The true life story of Ed Edwards
Metamorphosis of a Criminal : The true life story of Ed Edwards

Metamorphosis of a Criminal : The true life story of Ed Edwards

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New York : Hart Publishing Company, 1972. First Edition. Hardcover. 438 pages ; 21 cm. $5.95 dust jacket. Remainder mark on the bottom pages edge. No other markings elsewhere. Binding is firm.


He was a bank robber, a highwayman, a notorious con man; he was on the F.B.I.'s list of the "Ten Most Wanted" criminals.

Now he is a writer, a lecturer, a respected citizen, and the head of a family of five.

What makes a boy turn to a life of crime at a tender young age? What horrible circumstances drive him to embark on a personal war with the rest of mankind? Ed Edwards tells his life story simply, candidly, with humor and with self-awareness.

And the reader glimpses a rare insight into the mind and heart of a man who is easily identified with the legions of youths who drop out of meaningless schools and loveless homes and invade the streets to menace the gullible, the helpless, and the more respectable members of society.

How does a man, once caught in the coils of criminality, throw off the shackles that bind him? How does he summon the will and the strength to cure himself of his addiction to violence? Can a person with a history like this emerge from the degradation and despair of being one of life's outcasts and propel himself by degrees—upward—up-ward-upward until he becomes a force for good rather than a force for evil?

Ed Edward's story is a fascinating account of a life devoted to courting disaster by drifting from one crime to another. Excitement flows through every page. A man of considerable cunning, charm, and personal appeal, Ed was never without a woman, and never more than a hair's breadth away from the arm of the law. You may not approve of him, but you will not be able to keep yourself from liking him. And you will be rooting for him all the way through his squalid life to his miraculous rehabilitation and metamorphosis.

In any event, you will not want to put this book down. There are pages which will set you on the edge of your chair, and there are other pages which will make you laugh uproariously.

Here is prison drama at its highest pitch; in short, the story of Ed Edwards—in addition to being a sociological study of great importance—happens to be a rattling good yarn.

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