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mein kampf complete and unabridged fully annotated by adolf hitler editorial sponsors john chamberlain sidney b fay and others

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (Complete and Unabridged, Fully Annotated) Editorial Sponsors: John Chamberlain, Sidney B. Fay and Others ...


New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1939. Eighteenth impression, 1940. Hardcover, 1003 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. In original price clipped dust jacket. Owner name written on flyleaf. Fading to spine. Corners lightly frayed. Bump to rear top right-hand corner cover. Sound binding, pages toned and no markings.


This is a complete and accurate translation, fully annotated, of Adolf Hitler's own book, which can justly be regarded as the Nazi gospel. In it he tells the story of his own life and of the rise to power of the party which now rules Germany; and he sets, forth in detail the kind of world which they propose to establish. Whatever others may say or write, MEIN KAMPF remains the best written evidence of the character, the mind, and the spirit of Hitler and his government -the blueprint of Nazi policy.

"MEIN KAMPF is required reading for everyone who wants to watch intelligently the march of world events. To date, its weird prophecy has been fulfilled with almost timetable accuracy... Hitler's most important pronouncements on democracy, the press, the Jews, colonies, war and peace, the rule of force, terrorism, the state and the individual, foreign policy, education and religion are all here. And so far the forces of the Reich have carried out these pronouncements practically to the letter." — Minneapolis Journal.

Howard Vincent O'Brien, noted columnist, says: "A fool I, though no bigger one than the politicians who rule our world. I shied away from MEIN KAMPF because of its thousand pages and the belief that it was the ranting of a man possessed. Most of all, I thought it would be dull. I was wrong on all counts. This book -beyond doubt one of the most important ever written — is anything but dull. It helps me to understand Hitler."

TRANSLATION. The translation has been prepared under the auspices of Dr. Alvin Johnson of the New School for Social Research and has been carefully checked by historians and scholars who have been working on it during the past year. Its authenticity is vouched for by the distinguished Editorial Committee named below.

ANNOTATIONS. This edition is fully annotated for the purpose of clarifying obscure references in the text, painting in the necessary historical background, relating predictions and assertions to current events, and bringing out the differences among the various editions of the book as it has appeared in Germany and in this country.

EDITORIAL COMMITTEE. The Editorial Committee in charge of translation and annotations includes the following scholars and publicists:

JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, an editor of Fortune and literary critic of Harper s Magazine

SIDNEY B. FAY, Professor of History at Harvard University

JOHN GUNTHER, author of Inside Europe

CARLTON J. H. HAYES, Professor of History at Columbia University

GRAHAM HUTTON, English journalist and author, formerly an editor of the London Economist

ALVIN JOHNSON, Director of the New School for Social Research

W. L. LANGER, Professor of History at Harvard University

WALTER MILLIS, an editor of The New York Herald Tribune and author of The Road to War

R. DE ROUSSY DE SALES, French journalist and author, American correspondent for the Paris-soir

GEORGE N. SHUSTER, President of Hunter College, New York, and author of numerous books oh European affairs.


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