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  • Matt Mullican: That Person's Workbook by Matt Mullican
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Matt Mullican: That Person's Workbook by Matt Mullican

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Publisher : Ridinghouse
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 744
Publication Date : 3/3/2007
Condition : BRAND NEW
Bringing together over 700 pages of drawings and collages, this unique publication immerses the reader in Matt Mullican’s creative process by reflecting the ‘person’ that emerges during his self-induced hypnotic states. 'That person's work' has developed out of Mullican's hypnosis performances (1977–present) and, more recently, photography, drawing and object-making that he has created during a trance state. The artist has described the person that emerges during these performances as 'a sensual, impulsive, almost hedonistic individual with a highly developed sense of humour and theatre, lying somewhere between schizophrenia and autism.'That Person's Workbook is an artist project made by 'that person', acting like a 'talisman' for a world in which that person exists. Accompanying extensive full-colour illustrations, an essay by Ulrigh Wilmes and an interview with the artist by Vicente de Moura explore the importance of hypnosis and imagination in Mullican's work.