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  • Marlena Kudlicka by Marlena Kudlicka
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Marlena Kudlicka by Marlena Kudlicka

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Publisher : DISTANZ
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 128
Publication Date : 12/19/2016
Condition : BRAND NEW
The roots of early modernism are palpable in the works of Marlena Kudlicka (b. Tomaszów Lubelski, 1973; lives and works in Berlin). She adopts the narrative register of the avantgarde to transpose it into a realm that lies beyond anonymous and standardized perfection. Kudlicka’s approach to mathematical and scientific thought has more in common with lyric poetry: she expands language and logic by integrating alternative models and "insignificant" processes and produces novel compositions based on various nonintentional and nonrational principles. She visualizes sounds and rhythms by employing dots, letters, digits, and words as visual forms, creating sculptures that resemble drawings in space. This artist’s book, with essays by Friedrich Meschede, Octavio Zaya, Dorota Monkiewicz, and Miguel von Hafe Pérez, is Marlena Kudlicka’s first publication and presents a survey of her more recent work, combining photographs of her sculptures and installations with information on the conceptual considerations that underlie them.