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  • Marc Chagall ; Posters and Personality by Josephy K. Foster
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Marc Chagall ; Posters and Personality by Josephy K. Foster

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New York : Reynal & Co., 1966. Hardcover. 16 pages ; 26 illustrated plates ; 33 cm. Very good copy; no underlines or markings within the pages. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Marc Chagall : Posters and Personality by Joseph K. Foster

Marc Chagall is one of the foremost colorists of modern times and nowhere is this shown to better advantage than in his posters. They were made for exhibitions of his work—twenty-six altogether—and all are reproduced in this book.

Mr. Foster explains the position the posters have achieved historically and artistically and discusses Chagall's technique as applied to them. The personality of the artist is traced through the influences affecting his formative years.

Reflecting the tradition under which European artists worked, Chagall's posters were designed to present his exhibits, his books, his Jerusalem Windows, the circus and the fiestas of Nice and Vence in the South of France.

Joseph K. Foster, who is also the author of The Posters of Picasso, knew Chagall in New York during the war, and has since met with him many times in Paris and in his home town of Vence. As a long-standing friend of the artist, Mr. Foster is familiar with the nuances of his personality, his art ideas and art influences that shape his work.