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  • Juul Kraijer: Twoness by Ina Fuchs
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Juul Kraijer: Twoness by Ina Fuchs

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Publisher : Hirmer Publishers
Binding : Paperback
Pages : 112
Publication Date : 8/20/2020
Condition : BRAND NEW
This richly illustrated volume provides an overview of the fascinating work of the contemporary Dutch artist Juul Kraijer. In her works, Kraijer examines human nature, rendering the body as synonymous with humanity. Her monumental drawings, photographs, sculptures, and video works sound out and dissolve the boundaries of the human body and reveal hybrid creatures somewhere between animal and human. Kraijer primarily portrays female figures whose bodies have mostly undergone a metamorphosis: they dissolve into swarms of fish, fuse with gnarled branches, or become transformed into animals. In her work, the usual boundaries of bodies are constantly sounded out—and crossed. This book presents in large format a selection of Kraijer’s works, offering an overview of the artist’s oeuvre, and it is accompanied by an interview with the artist.