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Juneeshee: an Oriental System of Fortune Telling; the Legend of the Twelve Spirits and the Year of the Animals by Sato San

Juneeshee: an Oriental System of Fortune Telling; the Legend of the Twelve Spirits and the Year of the Animals by Sato San


Los Angeles: Sato San Press, 1971. First edition. Hardcover. 60 pages ; 23 cm. $2.95 dust jacket. One inch rip to top of jacket's spine. Pages are unmarked and binding is firm.


An astute analyst of human emotion, Sato San visited the Far East and discovered a vast new philosophical approach to life, love and the pursuit of happiness, called "JUNEESHEE." Sato San investigated this novel theory of the Orient..."The Art of Predetermination." In this treatise he explains how it applies to you and your "Year of the Animals." From the foreword to the final word, "Juneeshee," the tale of the ancient Buddhist legend of the twelve animals and the years for which they are responsible, proves fascinating reading and food for thought even if you are the most skeptical peruser of this tome.

Once opened, read and analyzed, by using your "Diamond of Love" chart, this discourse can advise you of those special years in which to discover a compatible mate and lover. By the same token, you are warned which animal years to avoid when seeking a true and beloved artner in that great arena called love.

Finally, an apt, pithy and pointed saying ends each year's reading so that you, as a student of "Juneeshee," can reflect in self-analysis and the "why's" of life. Complimented by realistic and apropos illustrations, you will find the hours spent studying this book more than worthwhile.

Sato San, the pen name of a successful businessman, is a western American who spent his youth in a small town in the Rocky Mountains. Attending public school, as well as a military school in Roswell, New Mexico, Sato San majored in mathematics and foreign language. Taking three years leave from study, while becoming a pilot and serving during the Second World War, Sato San returned to enroll in engineering school at Stanford University. Four years later, graduating both as an engineer, and a business major, with a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Sato San entered the business world. After spending four years at Lockheed Aircraft (engineering and auditing), he joined Dorothy C. Thorpe, Inc., a china-crystal-gift manufacturing company in Los Angeles, in an executive capacity. Sato San, a student of Japanese culture and language, made a number of buying trips to the Orient, only to become fascinated by "Juneeshee." A year of concentrated study and dedicated effort resulted in this work, his first manuscript.

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