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Japanese Print-Making : A Handbook of Traditional & Modern Techniques by Toshi Yoshida and Rei Yuki ~Signed by Toshi Yoshida

Japanese Print-Making : A Handbook of Traditional & Modern Techniques by Toshi Yoshida and Rei Yuki ~Signed by Toshi Yoshida


Rutland, Vt. : Charles E. Tuttle, 1966. Inscribed by Toshi Yoshida to another artist. Hardcover. 176 pages ; illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm. Clean, gently used, and without marking in book.


From the dust jacket : 

"To the artist, to the collector, to the lover of fine prints, this volume holds the answers to a thousand hows and whys."
—From the preface by Oliver Statler

THIS BOOK, THOUGH HARDLY THE FIRST TO BE Published on the topic of woodblock print-making, must be examined to recognize its unique value.

It is the first volume ever to combine, in thorough and sequential detail, the painstaking process of the much-admired art. Examples of works from conception to realization by traditional as well as modern artists are presented, and all are explained in an uncomplicated manner.

The book includes one actual woodblock print (frontispiece: a reproduction of an Utamaro print done by Yoshida) to which the text refers for clarifying certain processes; 19 plates of which 11 are in six-color offset, showing examples of the works of modern and traditional artists; and more than 250 figures, diagrams, and photographs (with more than 50 in color) to explain comprehensively the step-by-step process of Japanese print-making.

In addition, the volume contains appendices on advice to beginners, advice to collectors, and gives examples in the unlimited uses of block printing (advertisements, book covers, etc.).

Japanese Print-Making is an excellent first book for one just being introduced to the charming world of woodblock prints. It is also an authoritative and complete volume for one who has long been fasci¬nated by the age-old art. The book, like the artistic efforts of the authors, is truly a polished and expert work of art.

It was inevitable that TOSHI YOSHIDA become a print-maker, coming from a line of distinguished artists and having been formally instructed by his father since the age of fourteen. That he developed into one of the most versatile and imaginative contemporary artists is due to his own genius.

Yoshida's imaginative turn to abstraction came from an interest in experimenting. Looking through a microscope at a drop of sea water, he would fashion unique paintings, giving them his own color schemes.
Yoshida's creativity and ability to recognize what he called the "movement of the times," as well as his deep-rooted and firmly established foundation in the art of traditional woodblock print-making, makes him, indeed, a prolific modern artist.

Collaborator REI YUKI, a relatively young though very talented artist, lends to this book the accumulated knowledge of long years of association with artists such as Yoshida as well as his thorough comprehension of the art. A member of the Japan Print Association, he studied both French and English at the Athdnde Frangais in Tokyo, with which he is still associated. His background as a talented artist in his own right, combined with a rare ability to put into explicit English the complicated processes of the difficult art, results in one of the best "how to" works ever to be produced on the subject.

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