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Invasion by Whitman Chambers
Invasion by Whitman Chambers
Invasion by Whitman Chambers

Invasion by Whitman Chambers

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New York : E.P. Dutton, 1943. First Edition. Hardcover. 319 pages ; 21 cm. $2.50 dust jacket with a large rip on the jacket rear side. Storage odor within this book. Dampstain to cover boards. Pages are unmarked and binding is firm.


Such famous authorities as Joseph C. Grew, former ambassador to Japan, and Otto D. Tolischus, famous N.Y, Times foreign correspondent, emphasize that the Japanese people are confident Admiral Yamamoto will dictate the peace terms in the White House in Washington, D. C.

INVASION By Whitman Chambers

Here is a stirring, dramatic picture of just how an invasion of the Pacific Coast would probably take place. Though presented in fiction form, INVASION is based on inside information of plans purported to be drawn up by the Japanese Imperial Staff. Under cover of fog the Japs make a surprise landing, swiftly capture Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Panic spreads through the civilian population.

While the invading hordes sweep by overhead, razing the proud metropolis to the ground, an oddly assorted little band of refugees is huddled in a storm drain under Los Angeles. There is Happy McGonigle, self-appointed commando, who makes nightly forages "topside"—and Stella, who helps to quiet frayed nerves when tempers flare. There are Gail and Clyde, an engaged couple, whom disaster has driven apart. And there is Johnny Mercer who, in the days to come, is to find in Gail all the tenderness for which his hungry heart has yearned.

Only smoking ruins and desolation meet their horrified eyes when floods at last drive the sturdy little group above ground. Their painful exodus toward safety takes on the qualities of a hideous nightmare. Under cover of darkness, they creep stealthily forward, hiding in deserted, bomb-scarred buildings by day. To the men, capture means instant death—to the women, something infinitely worse.

INVASION takes on an added sense of reality and horror when we realize that it is Americans who are undergoing these grim adventures, on American soil. It may well give pause to citizens who still say "It can't happen here!"

Formerly an officer of the U. S. Navy, Whitman Chambers is intimately acquainted with the entire Pacific coastline, from Seattle to Acapulco. Unquestionably Chambers was influenced by Homer Lea, author of "The Valor of Ignorance," great military strategist and student of Japanese imperialism, and probably also by Billy Mitchell. (Scoffed at for years, both Lea and Mitchell were vindicated when the Japs took the Philippines, Singapore, the East Indies, etc. But it should be remembered that Lea and Mitchell both predicted the invasion of the California Coast.) In this book Chambers differs with Lea and his "stepping stones" theory. He believes that the outstanding strategical lesson of this war is that naval craft can no longer operate within range of land-based aircraft, except with the aid of a storm front. (Long range weather forecasting is now an established fact.)

When the President of the United States was asked (in this book), "Why were not the invasion forces intercepted during their long journey across the Pacific?", he said, "To answer this question requires knowledge of the origin and course of North Pacific storms. Even ships of only moderate speed may keep up with these storms, completely hidden from the scouting planes by the low overcast, rain, sleet, and fog." This interesting theory, which many military experts contend is quite feasible, provides the background for this vivid, exciting story.

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